About Us 

Our publication began in a bout of wishful thinking from our first editor-in-chief Kristina Gu '18. The rest, of course, is history. 


Past Works

Working Title is committed to showcasing our peers' work in the best way possible. Check out our Writing Archive for some of our past works.



We accept long-form creative writing of all genres and media, from sci-fi/fantasy to literary fiction, from short stories to short comics. 



Check out our Contributor Q&A for bonus content from our writers!


2019 Events & Deadlines

  • January 9: WT submissions close for winter

  • February 1: Winter 2019 issue launch

  • February 1-3: Winter Gathering

  • April 11: WT submissions close for spring

  • April 17-29: 2019-2020 board apps open

  • May 3-4: Alumni Weekend

  • May 6: 2019-2020 board announced

  • May 8: Spring 2019 issue launch